Decopatch is a decorative fab and funky papercraft, a bit like papier mache only much prettier! The modern twist on decoupage, helps breath life into objects, using a special paper and glue-varnish. Decopatch looks amazing on card, metal, papier mache, wood, plastic and glass materials, in fact, we haven't actually found anything it does  work well with! It's so simple to do and creates fantastic results every time.

Decopatch is all about glueing and sticking which makes this a perfect craft for all ages above 4 years old. If you fancy your hand at decopatch, the up and coming funky paper craft then firstly you'll need to pick your perfect object, your decorative paper to make your style, find a table and get sticking!

How to Decopatch!

Step 1: Cut or tear Decopatch paper into small pieces. Tearing is preferable as torn edges blend together better than edges cut with scissors.

Step 2: Apply Paperpatch glossy glue to the area where the paper is to be placed.

Step 3: Place one piece of Decopatch paper on the glued surface.

Step 4: Apply a new coating of Paperpatch glue on top the paper. Smooth the surface, working from the centre to the edges.

Step 5: Cover the object entirely with paper and glue. Each piece should overlap the next. The overlap should be minimal only enough to cover the edges of the previously glued piece.